Yahoo! company store open

We here in the USA don’t think of yahoo much anymore.. It seems Gmail has consumed us all.  Microsoft still throws BING around and AOL will never die. I guess yahoo answers may still be used (but only when you google something lol), but as for searches, who still uses Yahoo? Those “fun” commercials have since ceased, you know the ones, the YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO singalongs!
Anyhow, here in Taipei City a yahoo company store just opened! YAHOO! I bet it was fun! So what do the people of that side of the world use? Yahoo? How big is Yahoo over there? I guess fairly well sized if they have stores popping up. And why yahoo? Why does the Big Red Star country like yahoo? Why Why Why? Do you yahoo? Oh and if you look behind them is is a YAHOO SHOPPING ROBOT!?! What is going on here!

Yahoo! company store open, originally uploaded by Kaba.

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