Windows Phone 8.1

With  Windows Phone 8.1 available to early adopters by using a free developer account one may unlock the many sound settings that once hindered the customization of the windows phone experience.   Now sounds can be set for each and every one of those email accounts, from the nagging work email account to the old but still useful AOL email account; we can even dive deeper and select sounds for apps like twitter or tumblr or any rr thing you want.   Just sync some goodies in the ringtone folder just as in version 8.0 then go to town!
Alas, all this is a mute point because now this phone… this case my  Lumia 1020 aka most bad-ass phone ever concocted can beam you to another far away frontier with enough beeps and blips to make you think you were sitting right next to #1 except you are not psychic nor do you have long dark hair nor are you the daughter of a sacred chalice holder….. BEHOLD LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE STAR TREK LUMIA SOUND BONANAZA SCHEME:

Set as:

Email Alert 1

Email Alert 2

Email Alert 3

Email Alert 4

Email Alert 5

Cortana (reminders sound)