App Time!vlingomain

For the past 7 days I have been

testing a new app; as I try to every week.

This time VLingo fell into my clutches. This APP enables me to tell my Samsung Epic4G what to do.

Sure you can bark at the little Google speech microphone,speek but this wee little APP brings more voice control to the proverbial table.

“Vlingo’s intelligent voice applications turn your words into action. Vlingo combines voice to text technology with its intent engine to help you quickly complete your desired action. Simply speak to your phone to get just about anything done while on the go.” Yes just say whatever you want and the phone seems to do it. Sexual favors not included.

And it works pretty well!

Say “Text Mom, “Make me a cherry pie.” and it will. She may not.

Say “Driving Directions to Bangkok Garden” and it will pull up Google NAV directions to my favorite Thai restaurant in 10 seconds and you will be on your way to TomYum Yummynezz!

If you want to call a business but don’t have the #, just say “CALL Whatever” and it will search for you and pull up the numbers of places with that name near you in mere seconds! Very Simple and effective, great if you are running around all day, a professional housewife who shops all day, or don’t mind people staring at you funny when tell your phone what to do.

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FYI: It does cost a few bux.

Vlingo’s Website

Vlingo’s Blog

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