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Todays Cufflinks

A cufflink (also cuff link or cuff-link) is a sweet fastener that many people refuse

to sport these day! #sadface. Appearing first  in the early-16th century as a  ruffled

wristband finished with small openings on either side that tied together with

“cuff strings;”  they would remain popular well into the nineteenth century. We can

thank our dear friend LOUIS XIV for bringing forth boutons de manchette, or

“sleeve buttons,” which were typically identical pairs of colored glass buttons joined

by a short, linked chain. “By 1715, simple, paste-glass buttons had given way to

pairs of two, decoratively painted or jeweled studs, typically diamonds,

connected by ornate gold links. Hence was born the cuff “link”, whether simple

glass buttons or gilded and bejeweled studs.”

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