Outside Nomz



Summer is slowly surrendering its scorching hot days for cooler weather. This is when outside nomming is best.  The brutal hot days have not entirely left us yet, but they will slowly become less and less as the days trickle by.

   Food always seems to taste better when eaten outdoors on a nice wooden picnic bench.  As I nom and type this for you the breeze just picked up my picnic table’s umbrella and lofted it away into the other outdoor nommers next to me. But that is okay because we are all basking under the sun; noms in mouths and happy to be sitting out here in this wonderful weather.  Who cares that a fly just landed on that egg half I just smothered into my mouth? The 10 second rule still applies……………and so it be Outside Nomz.

*photo taken, post written and published via the samsung epic4g all whilest nomming


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