Lumia 1020: The Rebirth

The Nokia Lumia 1020 offers a rebirth on how we  humans interact with our most desired technology.  Nokia is on to something that many of us already know;  the insatiable desire to photograph, videograph, Vinify, or Tube everything.  Until now it has always been  a phone plus this, a phone plus that, a phone  featuring  magical gifts from unicorns. A camera, that is also a phone….say it to yourself…..A camera that is also a phone.  Forget your phone! Everyone has  a phone, but we all don’t carry cameras!  Once upon a time we carried phones that took photos, now we can carry a camera that not only takes amazing pictures but also meets every need for this decade’s technological level and usage in regards to personal communicating devices.

For 48 hours as of 1:42 AM this morning, Sunday the 28th, I have been accompanied by a Nokia Lumia 1020. Due to sleeping and other hand required events; I sadly, have not spent all of those hours with the 1020.  This is also my first time using a Nokia device as well as the Windows Phone  system.  Leaving the Korean flavor of Android and learning a new OS has been fun, challenging and awkward at times. SO far the experience of my fingers sliding tiles and pushing up and pulling down upon the shiny screen has been very enjoyable.  The genius who finally decided to put the address bar for the browser at its bottom should be awarded a gold star.  How long have I wished for the  address bar to be at  the bottom only to have my finger shake in frustration to flick some endless abyss?  The Windows Phone 8 system is definitely unique, smooth and informative.  Its way of giving you information with minimal interaction seems to be very efficient and pleasant.  The windows tiles stack together very well, giving you a very cohesive ecosystem that is alive and customize-able for every taste. Widgets and folders now seem to offer  a  disconnected system much like an overstuffed and disorganized kitchen drawer.   One swipe to the left and all your apps appear; no more opening an endless left and right slide-off or digging around a cluttered folder.


The other day after midnight on the 26th, the planned day of reckoning  for the smartphones and cameraphones began. Like clockwork every major techno-gadget site began publishing their Lumia 1020 reviews like the conveyor belt in a tuna canning factory.  One after another spouted out the same information available to North Koreans everywhere; the reviews turned into a modern techno-news feed facsimile.  So yes, the camera is pretty ******* great.  The greatest camera to also be a phone.  It is the next step in gadgets; the next level  that pushes boundaries and relieves us from the stagnant sea of smartphone numbness.  It’s not as thin as the  latest droid and apple crops; in fact it is the perfect thickness one expects in a unit of substance.  The incorporated lanyard slot truly is the best kept and most overlooked feature of this device.  Be daring and ditch your case; quit wearing a helmet in public now that you can carry this baby around with a small strap.  The buttons are sturdy, so is the carbonate shell. The 1020 feels perfect.  The hump where the 6 lenses hide does take some getting used to. But once you realize the center of gravity for the device is right on the curve of the  hump you realize this hunk of photo shooting love was meant to be held, grabbed, pinched and squeezed; not to mention tapped with the latest Glance upgrades.  Good things come to those who wait.  Each shot will take a bit longer than many have come to expect once  the dedicated shutter button is pressed. However, the minuscule wait is worth it. Have fun. Enjoy its abilities. Surprise your friends and make a cinemagraph with the Nokia Cinemagraph App. Look at this cinemagraph of Jack  

Do you want to capture every moment with the detail required to remind you how wonderful  reality can be?  Then stop using a phone with washed out images of your life and began using a camera that can perfectly communicate with the world as well as capture every moment,  color, smile and hidden face.


Below are a smattering of test photos shot in BASIC AUTO MODE with modest lighting conditions including a poorly lit dining room, a back yard, a cloudy day graveyard, and inside a Whole Foods store.

The point of the gallery below is to demonstrate the ability one has to have huge 34 to 38mp shots that provide more photographic data with enough detail to expand the ways of interacting and enhancing  pictures.

Start with Tobi, here on the left.