Loss: brain cancer kills first love

Last night the first man i ever fell in love with passed away….passed away, I hate that way of describing the death of someone. They died, they didn’t pass go, they didn’t collect 200 dollars; their soul turned off, their eyes shut and they ceased to exist amongst the living.
I was a young 21, he was a few years older. We locked eyes one night at a popular bar in Atlanta, Blake’s on the Park…that was the extent of it for that night, neither of us had the balls to break away from our circles and say hey, but those eyes, i can still see the many glances we made toward one another over my shoulder. Love at first sight? I believed so then and i will till the day comes when i “pass away.” I still remember the upstairs area where our eyes danced that night; where i was standing and where Jason was standing. A few weeks later he saw me in line at a club and wasted no time to come ask who i was. After that night we began dating. Lunches and dinners, our time together increased each day and the chorus of our hearts began to sing. It sung and sung and finally i realized i was in love; a new feeling i had never experienced. “I love you,” i said, i wanted to say it, love wanted me to say it, so i did.
And then I was in love.
And now He is dead.

May your ghost visit me forever Jason H. Cohen; my first love.