Joys of Twitter

betlegeuseMany people ask me, “How do I use twitter?” To which I respond, “You can do a lot, depending upon what you want.” Personally, I have been using twitter now for a few years, approaching 37,000 tweets and only amassing 730ish followers to date(some I know are spam, but I suppose I am a number size queen & refuse to block them). I have even met a few of them in real life! I have sent iPads to french tweeters, when they first came out, and performed other random acts of twitterkindess.
Twitter offers many things, but what I find the most amusing and pleasantly surprising are the random moments that occasionally spawn from a single, ordinary tweet. For instance, earlier today I was listening to Jump In The Line by Harry Belafonte

During a moment of “shake shake shake senora”, my mouse slid over to the share button and off I went heading a new tweet with “BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE!” and the Pandora track link. A few moments later I received a tweet from Beetlejuice “himself” exclaiming, “It’s Showtime!!!” In essence I summoned Beetlejuice like they did in the movie, only I got the harmless 140 character version of him who can only make me laugh and smile. It’s  truly the little things in twitter that make it fun.