Hurricane Season


Hurricane Season is in FULL SWING; August seems to always be the time when hurricanes begin churning off the coast of Africa and meandering their way near the east coast of the US and the Gulf of Mexico. My obsession with tracking them and scanning radar images from the NOAA’s fleet of satellites started when I was a kid. I would watch my dad bring back plywood and then board up the windows to our home and then the family would bunker down in the living room, usually behind the couch during the night the hurricane’s force was upon our hometown. Somehow though, Virginia Beach VA always gets spared, to some degree, from the full force of a hurricane. I guess it is due to the shape of North Carolina and the landmass that sticks out past Virginia Beach, the area of Nags head and the chain of islands found down there. They are just enough to slow the hurricane down some and maybe direct its course a tad more easterly.

Fast forward to today and I have my own home, in an area that is flood prone. Just last November a “Nor’Easter”, so named because the winds come from the northeast, causing evil storm surges that blow water into our lawns, and up into our homes; wreaked havoc in my neighborhood. This is what my home looked like last November from the nor’easter.

Not a pretty sight and was not fun to fix. One strong hurricane coming in the right direction is surely not going to bode well for me and my neighbor’s homes.

The information I find comes from the NOAA



When it comes to hurricanes they are the experts. The images from their satellites are usually spectacular if you are into seeing things of this nature. Satellite Imagery HERE

Right now NASA has a mission/project going on called GRIP (MISSION PAGE) to better understand how tropical storms form into hurricanes and then die. They are using a fleet of aerial vehicles to test hurricane, most notably, an unmanned aerial vehicle (the Global Hawk) to fly inside, around hurricanes measuring a myriad of variables to understand these weather beasts.
Check out the site and read up about it.


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