Gran turismo 5


         Released last week, this was the longest time any gamer has had to wait for a GranTurismo Release. 6 years to make and the game is quite fantastic.  Tracks looks real, backgrounds look real, “premium” car models look more real than the real thing(sometimes)! Below are some photos i exported from the game of a my favorite #VW the GTI MkV. The photo mode option is rather fulfilling, one gets various scenes where one can drop their car in and then walk around and take a photo from any angle and apply every camera setting your little heart desires as well as different filters, as seen below.  The first 4 are from the game. The last 4 are from car shows i have attended! Crazy Huh?  Thumbs Up for #GT5.

Ahrweiler - Town SquareAhrweiler - Town Square_5

Ahrweiler - Town Square_4 Ahrweiler - Town Square_3


l_585054fcc848f28d0fc5bc9c3447a209 vw 011

vw 170 vw 167

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