Google Glass: should I? If I do, what color.

Google has given me 7 days to decide if I want to accept an invite to disperse 1500 bux of my hard earned cash so that I may delightfully sport their latest creation, Glass. As a gadgetista, I want to put this device on my pretty little head with every geeksih, techish bone in my body. However, I have 2 mental road blocks to cross first.

#1 What color?


#2 As an early adopter, what is google going to do for early explorers when the real deal rolls out to the public? Will we get a hefty discount since we put $1500.00 into the R&D phase?

I doubt there will be an answer to #2, but I will endeavor to get some idea from the Google.
Please feel free to chime in on what color option you like the most.