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This week’s APP O’Week goes to 2 games.

Dot™ with OpenFeint


Speedx 3D


Dot™ is an awesome game where you tilt your phone and a white ball floats around. You have to run over the BLUE balls and avoid the RED triangles. However, as time passes your white ball quickly shrinks like a Viagra-less 85 year old and only grows when you run over the BLUE balls, imagine that! HA. It is very addictive and my best time so far is 93 seconds of “eating blue balls before I choked,” as the publisher most humorously words the auto-tweet when you tweet your score.  Try it out it is FREEEE, you will not be disappointed.


Speedx 3D is a super sweet looking 3D style game. You “Speed your way through ultradynamic tunnels and rise up to the ultimate reflex challenge!” Basically you are falling down a tube and have to dodge structures that pop up on the track.  Leading up to an obstruction the track turns a color.  If you run over certain “orange” special spots on the track you obtain shields which will allow you to break through SOME obstacles. The colors whizzing past you make it a joy to play as you get lost soaring down the tunnel. The music kicks your hands into overdrive as you swerve out of the way of the blocks and go further into the tunnel, which sometimes shifts and becomes a flat area, or becomes all black and you do not get a colored trail that pops up before an obstruction comes flying at your face.

ANOTHER B1zzle tested and approved APP for your gaming pleasure.($$ costs a few pennies)

speed3d speedx

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