The preliminary data suggests a 3 day track that will bring Earl up the east coast of the US far off the shores Northern Florida and Georgia. I would not be visiting Bermuda at this time.  The 4th and 5th days will bring the wee beasty off the coasts of the Carolinas and up to Virginia.  Of course, since it is early into the life of Earl, changes are possible and the storm could track further northeast away from the coast OR further northwest closer to the coastal states. Right now it is tracking more northeast, which is good.  Tuesday night will tell a lot as to how close this storm will get to land if it continues on this path up the east coast.



WINDS: At the moment, the graph below shows where TROPICAL STORM FORCE WINDS MAY POSSIBLY reach if it continues on a track like this.  The winds could reach FURTHER or LESS FURTHER into the coastline. We will see.  No matter what,  it will be breezier come this weekend for Virginia Residents so please use extra hair spray.  Jersey shore men are advised to use extra hair gel as well.



Here is the NOAA’s current advisory


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