B1zzle’s Christmas Gift List

#1 Photojojo Macro Lens Band

Works on any phone! Crazy focus and detail. AND it’s a rubber band!



#2 DODOCASE for Various Tablets/eReaders

Bamboo! Book Binding! Artisan! Craftsmanship! Perfect Cover.


#3 GoDogGo Automatic Ball Thrower

For the dog lover and the dog who loves to fetch.


#4 Cuisinart Elite Die Cast Food Processor, 12-Cup

From my friends at Williams-Sonoma, this baby slices, grates, chops, destroys all matter of vegetation….and so much more…really great & super versatile.


#5 North Face WindWall Fleece Jacket

 Everyone should own a fleece; this is the quintessential available at REI & other fine places.


#6 3D Lasercut Photo Block thingymabob

Your Photo: It’s 3D, laser cut & it’s one of those tacky glass block things, who wouldn’t love this?


#7 Personalized TABASCO® Gallon Jugs

Who doesn’t like Tabasco? How about a GALLON JUG…personalized!



#8 Snow Goggle Camera

Screw Helmet Cams, try this instead.


#9 Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

I can’t fly without these things. Drown out babies and jet engines. Peace & Quiet.


 #10 A Chumby!

My FAVORITE Gadget I use for an alarm clock. Add widgets to it, personalize it, stream shit……many uses and it’s awesome for a gadget lover




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