android app o’week


With Android powered devices taking over the world and with its marketplace reaching over 80,000 applications, users have so much/too much to choose from.  One brilliant app that was pointed out by  twitter followee @NkL4 is the app named my6senseFrom their blog they claim: “my6sense is a leader and pioneer in a new service category ‘hyper-personalized streams’, which uses ‘Digital Intuition’ technology to tame the overwhelming amount of content that flows into your personal space. my6sense surfaces your most relevant information at the right time and the right context – connecting you with what matters to you most, and providing you with a sharper and better way to experience your information on your mobile device.”

  The overload of information coming at us through our RSS-Readers Feeds ETC can be overwhelming.  Upon the initial install, I synced my Google reader and twitter accounts.  It did the rest. It takes my subscribed feeds and throws them in, then it throws in stuff it “thinks” I will like. Then, as you read more using the app, it learns more and becomes more adept to your likes.  It has already shown me awesome articles that I probably would have missed.  It takes a couple days for it to start using its psychic powers on you, but when it does, u know and you end up loving it!

Point your camera here and scan the RFID Tag and download the app now and begin reading!


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