Restrepo, the documentary

This year a documentary was released titled Restrepo.

Named after one of the fallen soldiers filmed during its making and the eventual base that was erected to help turn the tide of the battle  in the valley, this documentary follows the Second Platoon in Afghanistan during their fight in the KORENGAL valley, one of the most deadly areas during this phase of the war.  All scenes are real life day to day actions of this platoon showing every facet of the war life these soldiers face each day. Scenes depict  gun fights, death, camaraderie, shit burning, base building and the strong will to survive found in each and everyone of  these American soldiers.  I highly recommended each and every one of you to watch this movie.

Here is a little taste……

From the start of the movie, you know life isnt going to be easy here…

The Firefights are numerous…..

Death is inevitable in war………

Moments that can never be forgotten……….

But in the end, brotherhood keeps them alive………..

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